Thursday, September 11, 2014


And now for a human interest story with absolutely no moral whatsoever.  It's just interesting.

The other day at the Gulf Coast Poker Championship at the Beau I was approached by a complete stranger during one of the breaks.  He said he was certain I didn't remember him but he had a story to tell me.  We stepped to the side out of the crowd and the following is his story:

"About four years ago I was playing in a tournament here at the Beau at the same table with you.  We were getting fairly deep in the tournament and you had a pretty large chip stack.  You got into a big hand with a young lady at the other end of the table and the end result of the hand was her elimination.

She seemed pretty distraught.  I'm sure you didn't notice because you were too busy stacking chips.  I'm also sure you didn't notice that I got up from the table and followed her outside to console her.  I had never met her but just felt like she needed a bit of comfort at the time.  We got to talking and one thing led to another.  We have been a couple ever since that chance meeting and we are both deliriously happy."

He wanted to take a photo with me to show her and tell her about meeting me and our conversation.

As I said.  No moral to this story.  Just interesting.  You never know how your seemingly random actions can affect other people.  Who knew I was Cupid in disguise?